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Navigating the Human Element (ISBN:978-0-9576017-0-3)
"Navigating the Human Element" provides an easy-to-read collection of human factors information and practical interpersonal tools to help Marine Officers more competently address the pressures and challenges confronting them in their modern operating environment.
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Chapter 1: Making mistakes – we call it “Human Error”

Chapter 2: Communication

Chapter 3: Correct use of VHF

Chapter 4: Intervening with Senior and Junior Colleagues

Chapter 5: Vision and Visual Illusions

Chapter 6:  Situational Awareness

Chapter 7: Working with a Pilot on board

Chapter 8: It is all about ME. Keeping myself fit for duty

Chapter 9: Fatigue – It’s a KILLER

Chapter 10: Decision-Making

Chapter 11: Where do I begin? How do I use all this useful information?

Book - Navigation the Human Element"For many years I have listened to your concerns about how to perform at your best in your careers. By becoming more aware of your natural limitations, not only will you gain more pleasure and satisfaction from your lives at sea, but you will also protect yourself, your colleagues and your ship from the challenges and risks that your world throws at you."

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"your book has all the potential of becoming the “Nories Concise Guide” of marine human factors studies." - Don Cockrill