Warsash Academy Logo“Navigating the Human Element” is an excellent introduction to the Human Element issues in shipping that would be useful to any serving Merchant Navy Officer ….. The book is written in an easy to read style and … would make a useful addition to any professional mariner’s library.”

Dr David Gatfield MSc PhD IEng IMarEng MIMarEST
Head of Maritime Training
Warsash Maritime Academy


UKMPA“…. a good comprehensive guide to the complexities of the Human Factors elements of team work …. where cross-culture relationships have to be instantly and successfully forged in a safe and effective manner ….
I think that your book has all the potential of becoming the ‘Nories Concise Guide’ or ‘Danton’s Seamanship’ of marine human factors studies.”

Don Cockrill
Chairman, UK Maritime Pilots’ Association


IntertankoLogo_webThis is a welcome addition to any seafarers library …  Many of us have all been in several of the situations outlined, often thinking we are the first! The book provides some handy tools and logic to tackle issues that are at the heart of getting things right. Human Element lies at the heart of our safety culture and our business with the most important element being seafarers themselves, good to see a book addressing them directly.

John Boreman
Marine Director


VideotelMasterLogo“A compelling read for every professional mariner, outlining the importance of the human element as seen through the eyes of an aviation and maritime safety expert…
With change of any kind being a powerful error producer, the book outlines the essential elements of situational awareness, situation assessment, communication, as well as the most crucial factor……TIME.”

Nigel D. Cleave
CEO Videotel


” ‘Navigating the Human Element.’ A job well done!
It is a remarkable example of work — by a dedicated and committed professional of the aviation & shipping industries — which I strongly believe soon, should find a place of pride and esteem on the desk of every marine officer, training institution, academy, vessel and ship-owning office…
‘Navigating the Human Element’ …. is a toolbox of 11 selected chapters emphasising the most important attributes to error causes.”

Commander Nicholas A. Iliopoulos
Master Mariner – Human Resources Consultant – PSC Auditor China
Visiting Lecturer at Dalian Maritime University, China

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Book - Navigation the Human Element"For many years I have listened to your concerns about how to perform at your best in your careers. By becoming more aware of your natural limitations, not only will you gain more pleasure and satisfaction from your lives at sea, but you will also protect yourself, your colleagues and your ship from the challenges and risks that your world throws at you."

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"A compelling read for every professional mariner." - Nigel D. Cleave