Book - Navigation the Human Element"For many years I have listened to your concerns about how to perform at your best in your careers. By becoming more aware of your natural limitations, not only will you gain more pleasure and satisfaction from your lives at sea, but you will also protect yourself, your colleagues and your ship from the challenges and risks that your world throws at you." … read more


“Navigating the Human Element” provides an easy-to-read and simple to understand collection of human factors information and practical interpersonal tools to help Marine Officers in more competently addressing the pressures and challenges confronting them in their modern operating environment more


"Navigating the Human Element" ... is a remarkable work by a dedicated and committed professional of the aviation & shipping industries, which I strongly believe soon, should find a place of pride and esteem on the desk of every marine officer, training institution, academy, vessel and ship-owning more

Commander Nicholas A. Iliopoulos
Master Mariner, PSC Auditor China
Lecturer, Dalian Maritime University, China